This website is open to everyone.

Anyone can be admitted as a partner to provide content or to zoom.

Interested parties may freely choose the coin they wish to describe or comment on when the green button appears at the top right of the tab. During the time the applicant has been admitted to participate and therefore their work is not published, the same button will change colour and will be displayed in red.

While work by a contributor has not been incorporated on the website, any new request for collaboration on the same coin will not be accepted. Administrators reserve the right to open up the coins to the collaboration of new applicants when, from the time that has elapsed and the lack of news, it may be presumed that the original contributor has declined to complete the participation they reserved on the webpage.

Any collaboration is disinterested and free.

Collaborators agree that their work can be adapted for the purposes of the website, according to criteria of style and consistency.                                       

Administrators reserve all rights, including that of not taking into consideration information provided: when they consider that the content of that information is repetitive, contradictory, confusing, unintelligible, inaccurate, misleading or overly generic; when they can perceive that no new knowledge has been added; when content detracts from the website itself; or when it does not reach the level of quality required for a specialized numismatic publication.

When the participation is deemed worthy of special recognition in relation to the prestige of the author, quality of content, frequency of contributions or, more generally, to the complicity of a collaborator with the project, administrators can indicate the contributor’s identity or pseudonym in the credits section of the website, provided that the person concerned has given their express consent. It is not understood that this consent is given until administrators have received authorization from the collaborator unequivocally and in writing.

Although the contribution might not merit special recognition, administrators can also indicate the identity or pseudonym of the partner when they understand that their continued participation has proved useful to complete the site or to improve it. Their appearance in the credits section requires the same expressed consent in the same way as indicated above.

The information displayed on this website is not necessarily provided by, nor has it been reviewed by, professional experts. Therefore, there is no guarantee that information is complete or that all the data that the website provides which the administrators are responsible for is true.

Unless otherwise indicated, opinions, interpretations or conclusions contained in the articles do not necessarily represent the point of view of the administrators.

The information provided should also not be interpreted to mean that administrators endorse, hold or subscribe to any of the published opinions or statements.

The information and images provided by this website can be used and freely reproduced, provided that the source is acknowledged and any remaining licensing conditions are respected.

The license to use information and images does not create any contractual link between the ownership of the site and users or collaborators, owners of the servers where the website is hosted or anyone else connected with this project.

Collaborators must accept the rules of operation and the privacy of this website and also commit themselves to respect the website and to ensure the accuracy of their contributions according to the principles of scientific rigor and professional good faith.

Their acceptance is made and communicated to administrators by simply submitting the application to be admitted as a partner

Administrators reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

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