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GENS HERENNIA / M. Herennius

A-060-001-2019 Cr. 308/1b
  • Obverse: Diademed head of Pietas right, wearing single drop earring and pearl necklace; PIE(TA)S downward to left.
  • Reverse: Naked youth (one of the Catanaean brothers, Amphinomous or Anapias) running right and carrying his father on his shoulder, who looks back and raises his right hand; M • (HE)RENNI downward to left, •/Π upward to right.
  • Type: Denar
  • State: Good EF
  • Weight: 3,65 gr.
  • Date: 108 BC
  • Mint: Roma
  • Diameter: 18,50 mm.
  • Die axis: 1 hs
  • Crawford: 308/1b
  • Other Ref: Bab. Herennia 1a; Syd. 567a; BMCRR Rome 1279 var (letter downward on reverse); RBW 1149 var (X• on reverse.); Cal. 616; FFC 745
  • Source: CNG (01-2019). Triton XXII. Lot 801
  • Comments:

    Superb EF, lightly toned with underlying luster.  From the Alan J. Harlan Collection, purchased from Edward J. Waddell. Ex Tkalec AG (29 February 2008), lot 44